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Brainstud helps you
to share (your) knowledge.
Accessible and effective.

schools, companies, individuals

Brainstud is convinced that knowledge is the tool for creating a better world. We want to leave behind a useful legacy; that’s why our mission is: make education more accessible. We do so by producing and distributing digital educational material.

That's 'stud', as in studio.

Brainstud is an independent education studio. We possess all the in-house expertise necessary to both produce and distribute innovative digital educational material. We are both producer and publisher rolled into one.

  • Optional subjects (senior secondary vocational education)
  • Annual accounts, reports
  • Educational methods (higher professional education)
  • Presentations, MOOCs

A new generation of publisher.


Education is the transfer of knowledge. And knowledge transfer can take place anywhere and everywhere. That’s why, when we talk about education (and the production of educational material), we look well beyond the limits of school as an institution.

Way of working

Brainstud's educational material is developed in tandem with experts on the subject. They deliver the content, and Brainstud translates this into an effective message. And this is how we create superior quality educational materials.


Brainstud is the first education studio in the world to develop an education method in cooperation with multiple purchasing end-user parties. The result? A cast iron - robust in content - educational method.

  • “Brainstud's straightforward and polished production process ensures that they can deliver our animations within ten working days.”

    Gert-Jan Schoppert
    Global Marketing Capgemini
  • “Brainstud has helped me enormously in getting my story across surprisingly clearly. The collaboration has been an impressive source of inspiration!”

    Tommy Visscher
    Epidemiologist and health scientist.